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They just told me that submit the I-673, Medical Form to the field office address with the copy of the RFE letter. Reddit is not a substitute for a real lawyer. All times are GMT-5. According to the police, the landslide could have been triggered by a lightning strike during the rainstorm. Makes me mad coz it caused a delay , an RFE, $$$ on me and time wasted and to include STRESS!!!! Privacy Policy. I havent heard anything afterwards. Oct 23 email notification visa approved.Visa Received : Nov. 3 , 2014 VISA IN HAND. All Rights Reserved. Only 130 were approved. October 2020 filer for EB3. Be prepared for the twisted and personal questions. It has been almost 2 weeks now since the RFE was sent, but we didn't hear anything back from USCIS yet. What did you initially submit? I heard that some people got approved in 2-4 days after sending back the RFE and sometimes 2 weeks or more, is that true? This is important medical information that helps in the determination process prior to the interview and not a supporting document like pictures that helps the case. I expedite my request for my 765 and 131 last january but it was on hold coz they are waiting for my RFE response. so does that mean that i should go myself to the office or to mail it? I got RFE about 3 months after Ive done the biometric! Efforts to locate more potential victims and free dozens of trucks currently stuck amid rocks and mud are continuing two days after the disaster. Some are asked for it anyway, an some are correctly not. 9. Not affiliated with any government agency. They were lucky enough to get an adjudicator that knows the policies for those adjusting from a K-1. two months after biometrics to receive the RFE? Archived post. Second Biometrics appointment letters received for EAD and AOS on Aug 15, 2016 for Aug 17 ( 2 day notice). So what I asked was How can I make sure they received my response since the last status update was even before the interview? I also couldnt wait for theirofficial sixty something days because that wouldve been past my response deadline which they indicated in rfe, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Just got done completing my requested Medical exam ( guess an RFE) last week. UPDATE: July 5, 2015 updated on all 3 cases, RFE received June 30, 2015. My husband had expired medical and I was really worried that we will get RFE for a new one, but they just issued the card. I guess this was done after the application was sent off and its not a big deal. Go to the VJ Travel and Work During US Immigration forum to learn more about the use of the AP card. The OP already went through the interview and the RFE was issued afterwards as the medical examination was missing. It is therefore necessary to submit it with your application. Did you call to issue your EAD? After paying almost 500$ to complete everything to include x rays ,blood work, Vaccination records that was done already in Phil. Immigration. All Rights Reserved. But I know eventually Its a requirement, so I will submit the response and medical form for the RFE shortly. Posted on Feb 2, 2021 ; . I-797 EAD/AP approval notice received : Aug 27, 2015, EAD/AP combo card mailed : Aug 27, 2015, EAD/AP combo card received: Aug 31, 2015, Renewal application send for EAD/AP : May 31,2016 (AOS pending over 1 year). AOS interview April 29, 200903/18/2009 - Touched. Additionally, the statistics derived from everyone's data gives more meaning to the VJ stats. I received medical rfe in late october 2020. Adjustment of Status from Work, Student, & Tourist Visas, US Visa Holder and Permanent Resident Immigration Discussion, Received an RFE for I-673 Medical Exam, without an interview, 10/13/2009 - My darling husband of 2 yrs 5 months 3 weeks 3 days passed away, Apr 09, 2014 - Receive Notice letter Priority date April 3, 2014, Apr 11, 2014 - Touched - Email - Biometrics letter mailed, May 12, 2014 - Touched - Email - In line for interview scheduling, July 12, 2014 - Pre-interview letter (Yellow letter) received in mail, Aug 25, 2014 - Interview scheduled for Sept. 24, 2014, Oct 06, 2014 - Touched - Email - In oath scheduling que, Oct 08, 2014 - Touched - Text - Oath ceremony scheduled, Oct 14, 2014 - Received letter - Oath ceremony Oct 28, 2014, Nov 12, 2014 - Updated my status from permanent resident to citizen at Social Security, Nov 29, 2014 - Received US passport book, Dec 04, 2014 - Received Naturalization Certificate, Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Today, I received a mail from my field office, and It is an RFE due to not submitting the I-673, Medical Exam Form with the I-485. The white woman who made an accusation against 14-year-old Black boy Emmett Till that led to his brutal lynching in 1955 has died in Louisiana, aged 88. Any questions the agent asked? Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States. So now, we're ready to mail the NEW I-693 and expecting a nice progress. I hadsimilar situation - RFE after the interview, not medical though. What did you initially submit? Doug Burgum signed legislation banning the procedure throughout pregnancy, with slim exceptions up to six weeks' gestation. If so, please acknowledge and mark it so. Is there anything we can do to expedite this rfe review and approval process based on our immediate travel needs? Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States. I-485 approval letter sent05/11/2009 - GC received in the mail. How quickly do you get medical RFE or interview notice after biometrics/EAD? Thank you Jesus ! Received June 2, 2016,Notice date June7, 2016, emails,texts, NOA1 hard copy, Service request for pending AOS April 21, 2016, case not assigned yet. No interview. I didn't do an interview. Like 11. It means that the USCIS officer reviewing your application needs more information before he or she can make a decision. And once there, another while for the officer to actually review it. 485 , 765 and 131 are all pending due to the RFE. I-130 and I-485 approved 04/30/200905/08/2009 - Touched. wondering if others could share how quickly they heard about their interview being scheduled or waived after receiving their biometrics and EAD? Sorry to hear that you had to go through all that. Hahahha YOUR case is different. Emails : Aug 24, 2015, EAD approved, EAD card ordered. Thank you! I understand, But You can either send it along with the application, or mail it afterwards, or even bring it to the interview. Suggest that you follow IO's written and verbal instructions, sounds like they would supersede the printed info. I used express mail so I knew it was delivered. and our Based on what I was told by USCIS officers,it is safe to travel with an invalid AP if the green card was approved. And how long does this whole process take as we need to travel outside the country very soon to take care of my mother-in-law who has some medical issues. Great ! shady28, July 19, 2016 in Adjustment of Status (Green Card) from K1 and K3 Family Based Visas. It has been almost 2 weeks now since the RFE was sent, but we didn't hear anything back from USCIS yet. She just gave you the envelope to send the required documents back to her. It's easy! In those early weeks, abortions would only be allowed in cases of rape or incest, or in medical emergencies. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Anyway, the officer said to mail everything in but the letter said to take it in person. Some offices are slow, some are faster. you paid your money,now you takes your chances. I filed I-485 on April/18/2021. Ambitious_Drive3516 2 yr. ago What field office did you interview at ? exceed guideline. Completed: K1/K2 (271 days) - AOS/EAD/AP (134 days) - ROC (279 days). Ask our. Were just nervous since this is a RFE from a field office so it doesnt update online if theyve received it or not. Now that the interviews can't be done, I guess they will waive interviews for a few more cases and, as I said, it looks like yours is one of them. By U never know, u might get lucky and doesnt need to do interview, Do u have ur I-693 on hand by any chance ? I suggest you to follow the instructions on the letter. Waiting to skip ROC and get 10 yr GC due to over 2 year while pending AOSAOS APPROVED Oct. 4, 2017 * Green card in hand Oct 13, 2017 !!!!! In that case, I don't think you have anything you should worry about. UPDATE: Aug 24, 2015, EAD card being produced/ordered. We got an RFE after our interview - Interview was 4/19, status updated to say that they needed time to review - Never updated to say we got an RFE. STANLEY & KAREN01/15/2009 - Fedex I-130, I-485, I-693, I-864, I-765, G-325A01/20/2009 - Received in mail-room and signed for by J CHYBA01/28/2009 - Checks cashed by Homeland Security02/02/2009 - Received in mail 3 pcs of NOA1 one each for I-485, I-130, I-765 dated 01/28/200902/03/2009 - Received email RFE. Archived post. It's easy! Additionally, any advice found here IS NOT legal advice. The real problem would be if the green card is denied. You can call customer service and ask fora tier 2 agent to inquire about your RFE. Your answers are very much appreciated. Citizenship and Immigration Services or the Federal Government of the United States. Adjustment of Status (Green Card) from K1 and K3 Family Based Visas, US Visa Holder and Permanent Resident Immigration Discussion, was giving RFE for medical examination in my green card interview today, Stokes interview via phone for petitioner 4 hrs after interview, First K1 denied after 16 month of AP. The same thing with the status, was Interview was scheduled , and my biggest concern was - had USCIS even received my response??? If your wife has the AP card she can travel outside of the country as prescribed in that forms documentation. Glad to know that we are in the same boat. Hi there, Good luck , Here is my timeline - F1 to AOS - Marriage based. Its been so long I wont get my hopes up! Hey guys I just recently completed my interview and everything went great, the officer didnt provide us with an approval and a week later we got a RFE from the field office asking for evidence. Reddit is not a substitute for a real lawyer. I guess I need to try calling them very early morning. Does anyone have any experience with this? I guess the decision as to how to get the medical to them when the did not send it in with all other application formis made by them after the fact based on the type of petition. and now i am confused and dont know what to do cause i have never recevied rfe before and havent reply to any before so dont know what is the process of replying to it., all i know that ur suppose to put the original rfe paper that u receive from them along with what they are requiring to be sent and mail it to the office address, and i dont have original cause all she gave to us was a printed copy from her computer in black and white., also what is more confusing that when i've read the rfe paper she gave to us i found it says under ( when you need to do it) that they gave me 30 days to respond and i thought i respond by mailing it but the paper say that YOU MUST DELIVER THE REQUESTED INFORMATION IN PERSON TO THE ADDRESS SHOWN BELOW BEFORE 30 DAYS. I haven't received any update so far. Hello, I am 03/31/2021 I-485 Marriage-Based Filer. I had my AOS interview on July 7th and got a RFE hand delivered for a new medical exam. 2 attorney answers. My case is with NBC. No they wouldn?t response they got that. All Rights Reserved. If you included the RFE form provided by USCIS, it will hopefully be routed to the appropriate adjudicator with your file. Additionally, any advice found here IS NOT legal advice. After paying almost 500$ to complete everything to include x rays ,blood work, Vaccination records that was done already in Phil. Browse related questions. Thanks everyone! They need to ensure that petitions based on marriages are real. Also, timeline is kind of confusing. The 2 that accepting me, its 1,5 months wait long. Your only option now, is calling customer service and asking for a tier 2 toinquire regarding the RFE. Wasn't all that easy - they are not set up for people to just walk in with documents. I-485 Interview Waived with RFE Medical Hi everyone. Be sure to make a copy of everything that you send in. This was RFE from a field office right ? Was there something you missed? Been reaching out to my senators and just finally got a rfe for my medical which has expired since I sent it initially in 2019. I see, its been about two weeks for me but I havent got a response yet, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I sent that in on 5/6 via overnight priority mail, got a notice that they received it yesterday, and an update to approved today. Unfortunately, the IO didn't have the medical on file (the brown envelope that my wife turned in at the border security upon entering the US) and sent a RFE to send a completed new medical and be sent tothe Helena Field Office in Montana. could they still ask for interview? So this is not something you take to the interview. Same story here. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Privacy Policy. RFE : June 12, 2015 for income not meeting guideline. I arrived on F1 in 2014, Applied for AoS 08/2020. I thought I could bring it on the day of the interview, and my previous field office only required to bring it to the interview. An RFE gets everything in order and the case can then move along. 2003-2021 VisaJourney. Not a sprint but a matter of endurance. 31 . I recently moved to another state, and my case got also transferred. So many variables that impact and response back from USCIS on other cases. Sign up for a new account in our community. Is my answer "BEST ANSWER" and/or "HELPFUL"? I mailed the sealed envelope to the addres indicated on the letter and it was received on July 14. It's easy! If not, booked appointment quickly. Yes. We received an RFE about the medical. Oh well , i guess i have to be thankful that we didnt need to be interviewed at all. I have been waiting for a rescheduling of a cancelled interview since 2020. I know of individuals who were petitioned from other countries and they take it with them when they arrive in the US. getting an interview after rfe? Ive seen them huddled around monitors looking at applicants. This subreddit is not affiliated with U.S. Ask our. Cookie Notice This was before closing to the public. The civil surgeon told me there was a new test needed for the intending immigrants, such that a URINE test for Gonorrhea is a requirement. I sent some basic proof of financial loss and they passed on to USCIS. PD mid-Nov/2020 (labor certificate), I forgot exact day. We got an RFE after our interview - Interview was 4/19, status updated to say that they needed time to review - Never updated to say we got an RFE . When USCIS issues a RFE, all processing on the case will stop. 1 week later RFE received, it was to sent medical exams (I-693 form to be sent to USCIS processing center per letter request). We are a couple since 2009. The I-693 should be filed as soon as possible after receiving the RFE so the case can be adjudicated before September 30, 2021. That said, I'd personally would choose not to travel until the green card is in hand. We interviewed at Hartford, CT . I called my congresspersons office to ask for help expediting the EAD and they were able to assist. 4 reviews Avvo Rating: 5.8 Immigration Attorney in New Windsor, NY Posted on Jun 15, 2020 It could take a while to process the response to the RFE, probably several months. That is the very purpose of the AP card. At the moment, when they ask you to submit I-693 via mail it generally means you aren't going to be called for an interview. I- 130 approved, I-485 pending IO's review05/05/2009 - Received NOA2. By immihelp.com is private non-lawyer web site. For a K-1, it is not supposed to matter if the exam is over a year old. How long is it taking uscis currently to approve the green card in cases like these? I agree that they were lucky, but not in the sense that you mean. 1 week later RFE received, it was to sent medical exams (I-693 form to be sent to USCIS processing center per letter request) I-693 mailed to USCIS 1 week later. I was told in the end by the immigration doctor that the reason I had an RFE was my incomplete vaccination that was done in Philippines . If you wait for theAOSapproval you may have upwards of a year wait for it to be processed. icecream123, August 16, 2019 in Adjustment of Status (Green Card) from K1 and K3 Family Based Visas. How many days it took to get EAD approved after congressperson raised an expedite request? You got lucky. Philippine immigration medical staff did not answer all the vaccination questionares!!! Copyright 1999-document.querySelector("#footer-year").innerHTML=new Date().getFullYear(); immihelp.com. I hope you get good news soon! By What did I not send now, whew!02/09/2009 - Received mails for initial evidence and Biometric appointment (02/19/2009); mailed evidence02/19/2009 - biometrics done - in a out in 45 minutes03/14/2009 - Receive NOA2 dated 03/10/2009. I sent that in on 5/6 via overnight priority mail, got a notice that they received it yesterday, and an update to approved today. could uscis ask for interview after they received medical rfe (I-693)? Glad to hear that, unfortunately we couldnt file in 90 days since it was right during covid and couldnt get some IRS documents in time. and said as soon as it get to me and i have time to look at it she can approve us, have this happened to any one before? She said that I should have mailed it. This thread is archived Texas service center. Be prepared for the twisted and personal questions. check out the. I read that the AP becomes invalid once the green card is approved. North Dakota on Monday adopted one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country as Republican Gov. At least six people are known to have died in a landslide that . Consulate Received : July 30,2014 Transfer to right embassy complete. two months after biometrics for me in Orlando. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 2023 RFE/RL, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Your medical exam is a requirement for application just like your petition, affidavit of support and adjustment of status. This page was generated at 12:58 AM. My wife's vaccination sheet wasn't marked complete either by doctors in Ukraine. Refiled. Respond to the RFE asap. I had RFE MEdical which i will submit this week. There are no statistics or timelines with associated with any RFE, before/after/whatever,it takes as long they need it to take. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Thank you very much! IIRC, @Rocio0010 had their AOS interview waived as well. Processing time after responding to medical RFE Hi, I applied for i485 in march 2020. We have since sent the RFE through Fedex and was wondering if anyone has been through a similar situation. Wow! Just follow the instruction. USCIS received my response on November 17th 2020. Mar 12th, 2021: I-485 updated as RFE was received and USCIS has begun working on your case again. There are individuals whom, for whatever reason, may not have done the medical at the time of their submission; nevertheless, it is required and as such USCIS will send an RFE to continue the processing of the case. Hello, I am going through a similar situation. I believe my case is still with NBC. thats helpful. It's easy! EAD approval sent03/27/2009 - EAD card received in the mail; applied for SS# immediately (office is across the street from my home)04/02/2009 - Received SS# in the mail04/29/2009 - Interviewed. I got an RFE letter to give them a new letter of Employment for my husband (he switched jobs during the AOS process and as he is the petitioner, they needed up-to-date info. Dec 1st 2020: I-140 approved, I-131 and I-765 approved on Dec 15th and EAD cards received on Dec 21st. how to use arrow keys on rk61,

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